Happy Tails

Emmett’s Story

Four and a half years ago I adopted my dog Jasper. Over the years I had contemplated whether or not to get a sibling for him. I take animal adoption very seriously and wanted to make certain that I not only had the means to care for a second dog but also that Jasper was ready for it. A Chihuahua mix, he struggles with separation and other anxieties, so I wanted to be sure bringing another member into our family would be good for him as well as for the new dog.

While riding home from a trip to visit my family in Oregon, I stopped to pick up some food for the rest of my drive back to Seattle. As I sat and rested for a few moments, I checked my Facebook page, and as I scrolled down I saw his face! My dear friend Becky had shared a post from a friend of hers who was fostering that sweet little face. His name was Scooter, and the same thing happened to me as when I saw Jasper for the first time. I knew he was the one we had been waiting for.

I immediately sent my friend a message and told her I was interested in learning more about him. She connected me with his foster mom, Melissa. From the moment I started communicating with her, she lovingly shared all the details about Scooter. He was a rescue from a high kill shelter in California, brought to Rockey’s Rescue, where Melissa became his foster mom.

I came home, completed all the adoption papers and made plans for a meet-and-greet the next weekend. I had shared with Melissa that the most important consideration is how he and Jasper would get along. If I had any concerns when we met, I would have to decline the adoption.

As Jasper and I made the hour-long drive for our meet and greet, my sense of nervous anticipation mounted. But the moment Melissa and Scooter walked through the door of the pet store where we met, I absolutely knew he was The One. I gave Melissa the biggest hug because I was so excited to meet the lady who loved this little creature like one of her own. We sat and let the boys play and get to know each other. Soon, the three of us headed back home together.

Emmett (as we call him now) has been an absolute joy. He has brought youthfulness back to our family. With any addition to a family there is always some adjustment, and the same was true for our family. Jasper and I had developed a routine over the years but we needed to be patient as our new little guy adjusted it. Potty training has also been an adjustment but with any luck we are coming to the tail end of it. Overall, the transition was great. The boys are a perfect complement to each other. It warms my heart every time they play and cuddle.

I am so thankful to Becky, Melissa and Rockey’s Rescue for helping to bring Emmett into our lives. Without their hearts for animals we would have never found each other.


Stanley’s Story

Once upon a time Stanley wandered the streets of California until, suddenly, he found himself caged in an overcrowded shelter.

Then his luck changed, and he became one of the fortunate dogs that were placed on a transport bus headed to Washington to fulfill their dreams of a “forever” home.

But first, he had to go to a foster home to learn how to live with people, and to brush up on his manners.

At last, Stanley’s dream came true when the amazing Bernstrom family welcomed him into their home. And now, Stanley is going to live the much-deserved life of a king!


Oscar’s story

Oscar went from rags to riches!

When Rockey’s Rescue got him from a high kill shelter in California, his fur was totally matted, and he had a bladder infection and a broken tooth.

Today, he is beautifully groomed, his teeth have been fixed, and his bladder infection cleared up - he is one happy boy!

He has been adopted by two wonderful people, Jessica and Jacob, who will give him the home he deserves. He has settled in quite nicely already, especially loving his humans’ belly rubs.

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